Bike mover for center stands FR-08 (Code: 203008)

Bike mover for center stands FR-08
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Bike mover for all current models using a centre stand and for large scooters.

The mover is particularly suitable  for heavy motorbikes, since the platform can be lowered to the floor so that only little force has to be exerted to jack up the vehicle.
The platform is lifted with a foot pedal allowing the vehicle can be manoeuvred in very confined spaces. Due to the platform being situated on the floor during the jacking up and lowering process it ensures the bike cannot slide off. The surface of the platform is sealed with a non-slip coating.
This bike mover for centre stands FR-08 is unique in quality and functionality.
When using the adapter FB-06 the bike completely stands on the moving system and can easily be turned through 360°.
Dimensions and weight:
External dimensions: 71x33cm
Platform: 50x16cm
Weight: 14,5Kg
Max. load: 400 Kg
Price: 169.00 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
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