Hydraulic motorbike lift (Code: 601018)

Hydraulic motorbike lift
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Hydraulic motorbike lift Hydraulic motorbike lift
BS-18 is a hydraulic motorbike lift with foot pump. It is exceptional due to the small width of 500mm and the lifting height of 1000mm, an ideal and ergonomic working height. A mechanical safety device, which can be operated from the platform, can be fused at several heights (relief of hydraulic system). The integrated ramp goes down automatically during climbing up and it goes up automatically during descending the ramp. Due to the special construction the lift does not require a lower frame whereby a low weight is achieved.
The lifter can be operated completely in an upright position. Due to the perfect dimensions it is particularly suitable for garages with little space und for hobby garages. Brilliant, well conceived, high quality work. The massive wheel chock has to be ordered separately as accessory. The lifter is completely assembled on dispatch and ready for use.
Minimum height:160mm
Maximum height:1000mm
Max. load:250kg
Price: 856.00 EUR
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
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